DRS Award

The DRS Award is an annual award for a Southeast Marketing Symposium (SMS) participating school whose doctoral students demonstrate productivity, collegiality, and fun.

The award is named for and given in honor of three individuals who epitomize these characteristics — Dr. Donald Lichtenstein, Dr. Rick Netemeyer, and Dr. Scot Burton. For several years, they served as faculty members together in the Department of Marketing at Louisiana State University.

Since their time together at LSU, this group of distinguished faculty has moved on to endowed chairs and professorships while developing a reputation throughout the profession for balancing hard work and a good time — and becoming great friends and colleagues in the process. They truly characterize productivity, collegiality, and fun.

The faculty and students of the LSU Department of Marketing created The DRS Award as a new tradition for SMS in 2013. The award was announced during the 7th annual SMS that was hosted by the LSU Department of Marketing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Each year, during the annual symposium, SMS doctoral student attendees select one school as The DRS Award recipient. The traveling award is a reminder to SMS participants to strive for productivity, collegiality, and fun.

Award Recipients:

2019 – Florida State University

2018 – University of Arkansas
2017 – University of Mississippi

2016 – University of Tennessee
2015 – Louisiana State University

2014 – Mississippi State University
2013 – University of Kentucky