William O. Bearden Award

The William O. Bearden Doctoral Student Research Award was created to honor Professor Bill Bearden (Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Business at the University of South Carolina) for his contributions to doctoral education. Many are aware of Bill’s research accolades; however, Bill’s lasting legacy is associated with his impact on doctoral students. His unwavering commitment and his mentoring abilities have changed the lives of many. In an effort to continue Bill’s legacy, cash awards will be given to assist the research efforts of two doctoral students. In order to compete for this award, doctoral students at participating universities from the Southeast Marketing Symposium are asked to submit an 8 page double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font (maximum including tables and references) description of a research project. The projects will be evaluated by a faculty committee and awards will be given to the highest quality research projects.

In order to compete for this award please submit your 8-page (maximum) description to David Hardesty at david.hardesty@uky.edu by March 5, 2021. The award winner and runner-up will be honored and awarded a cash award and a plaque at the 2021 SMS hosted by the University of Mississippi.

Previous Bearden Award Winners

2020 – Youngtak Kim (University of Georgia)

2019 – Vincent Zhang and Seoyoung Kim (University of Georgia)

2018 – Harrison Pugh (Florida State University)

2017 – Prachi Gala (University of Mississippi)

2016 – Tracey Schwartz (University of South Carolina)

2015 – Jessica Ogilvie (University of Alabama)

2014 – Sarah Magnotta (University of Kentucky)

2013 – Stephanie Magnus (Louisiana State University)

2012 – Woojung Chang (University of Alabama)